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The new 2020


Deal of the days

30pcs BTA16-600B TO-220 BTA16-600 TO220 16-600B BTA16 600V 16A TRIACS Transistor

Description:Model Number: BTA16-600BPackage: TO220Package included:30 x BTA16-600B ..



1000Pcs 10Values 100 Each Transistors Kit

Description:Package contains the follows: 100 × BC337 Bipolar (BJT) NPN Transistor, 45 V 800mA 100 MHz 625 mW through hole-92-3 100 × BC327 Bipolar (BJT) PNP transistor, ..



3 x 200pcs 10 Values Transistors Pack Transistor Assortment Kit

Description:There are 10 values:S8050 S8550 S9012 S9013 S9014 A1015 C1815 2N3904 2N3906 MJE13001 1 set included 200pcs, each value for 20pcs, there are 3 sets in all, ..



40V 0.8A NPN Transistors

40V 0.8A NPN Transistors 2N2222A 2N2222 TO-92  For High-speed Switching Features:1.The 2N2222 transistors are silicone planar epitaxial NPN type transistors.2.The tran..



150pcs LED RGB Common Cathode 4-Pin F5 5MM Diode

Features:   Convenient for DIY and repair equipment and electrical appliances Perfect use for home, office and industry electrical equipment and electrical appliances Current :..